Nautilus Submarine
Modelling / Texture / Shading / Concept

Project:JOURNEY 2: The Mysterious Island (2012)
Developer / Studio: PIXOMONDO

The Nautius submarine was a pretty big centerpiece asset for this how. When I was first handed the Nautilus very early on in the production, it had already been basically blocked out for overall sizing purposes. Once lidar scans of the actual interior and deck sections of the set were delivered, a large amount of resizing had to be done in order to match them up to one another 1:1. Exterior mechanisms such as rudders, ballasts and wing flaps all had to be functional and work with the surrounding structures so that when the submarine banked in one direction, all mechanical objects would move as they would realistically be expected to.

Consdieration had to be taken for the Nautilus's torpedo and docking bay as how they would fit together without compensating the "set in stone" areas such as the interior and back deck sets. Once the decisions had been achieved, I handed off the interior docking bay and back deck assets to be handled by other artists while I tackled the main body. Before just rushing into the task I created a series of quick concepts to help everyone visualize what would be needed to accomplish the desired look and feel of the panels and how they would all fit together and work with one another.

Each section was handled individually to ensure that all required detail would be present, with modifications coming into play as particular pieces became more and more detailed over the course of it's beautification. Once primary details were in place, another phase of detailing began with smaller pieces such as panels, hatches and smaller mechanisms. And once again, once these were in place another round of smaller detailing would occur, thus ensuring the whole model was built to the same overall quality and detail amount.

Pieces of the model were than taken into sculpting programs to add dents, scratches, bolts, rivets and general wear and tear to give it the final level of detailing and polish.I then brought all pieces together (main body, docking bay and deck) sets into one cohesive model which could now be placed into shots via lighting.

Once it was handed off to lighting, certain shots would require reworking based upon it's proximity or context within that shot which was handled by myself and the lighters as well. A very large asset that took some teamwork to get done in the end.